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How To Store Your Audi e-tron foil For Winter?

Slowly the cold winter days are coming and the season to fly over the water is coming to an end. To make sure that your e-foil is ready for the next flight, we would like to share with you a few tips for the proper care and storage of your e-foil. 

First, we recommend rinsing off your e-foil after every ride with fresh water and drying it with some clean towels. Especially after you have been flying in seawater, it is important to clean your e-foil, because the seawater can cause a lot of damage to screws, etc..

How do I clean my e-foil properly?

1. Board

Before you start cleaning the board itself, make sure, you removed the mast and the battery. Do not just clean the surface of your board, especially the battery compartment is susceptible to grains of sand.

For an easy cleaning process, you can get yourself approx. 4 foam yoga blocks, on which you can put your board so the water and sand can run off easily. 

After you rinsed off the board itself, grab a clean towel and dry the board with it. Get a second pair of hands, so you don't risk possible scratches. 

After you have cleaned and dried your board you can put it back in its bag. Make sure the bag is clean and dry as well.

The board itself does not have great requirements for storage temperature, however, it is recommended to use a dry room with room temperature. Leave all compartments open so everything can dry in peace for around 24 hours.

2. Mast and Wings 

You can also rinse the wings, the mast, and the drive with fresh water, but note that the contacts and cables do not come into contact with the water, usually, it is enough to go over them with a clean towel. Especially with the heavy mast and the drive, get another pair of hands to help you.

After you have dried the wings, the mast, and the drive with a towel, you can put them back into the drive bag. Following the drying process, it is recommended to lubricate the contacts of the mast with seawater-resistant grease, so that you can start your next flight without any problems. 

3. Battery

The outside of the battery should be cleaned only with a slightly wet towel. Never rinse it off or get water on the contacts. After that, you can put the battery for 24 hours in a room at room temperature.

State of charge during winter

It is recommended to keep the battery at 30-50% load before storage. Since the battery can discharge 50-70% during winter, you should check the charge level every 4 weeks. The lithium-ion batteries do not like a total deep discharge. You can safely leave your battery at 20-30%, but you would still have to recharge it during the winter. At 50-60% you can avoid this, but the battery then also has more energy, which could cause more damage in the event of an accident. Overall, the battery must be charged below 10 degrees Celsius. 

4. Remote

You can also clean the remote control with a slightly wet towel. For the storage of the remote control, a battery level between 20 and 30% is also recommended.


Now your e-tron foil is ready for a short winter nap. Except for when it goes on a big trip - because somewhere in the world it's always summer!
Have a nice winter time and make electrifying thoughts during the cold weather.

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