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aerofoils airfly efoil

Your Airy Durable Companion.

Introducing AIRFLY – the most stylish inflatable efoil, combining cutting-edge design with top-notch engineering. Crafted in the iconic Aerofoils x Audi Board Shape, it redefines standards.

aerofoils airfly efoil

Super Handy.

Built to last, it's a nomad's perfect travel companion, catering to those with limited space.

aerofoils airfly efoil

Rugged. Reliable. Desirable.

Ideal for every rental or school expecting the most long-lasting and forgiving product, as well as for yacht owners valuing every inch and adventurers who appreciate the robustness of inflatables.

Unique Stabilization. Uncompromised Ride Dynamics.

Proudly unveiling a groundbreaking innovation from Aerofoils. The Anti Breach System. It alters you and counters unexpected breaches or shootouts, taking riding safety to a new pinnacle. Keeps the mast's full potential while ensuring the ride stays agile and uncompromised. Boosts your confidence. Enjoy the ride, explore surroundings, and ensure safety with our Anti-Breach System. Available as an option.

Your Choice.
Your Style.
Our Promise.

Available in a 150-liter volume and various color options, AIRFLY guarantees the quality synonymous with aerofoils and audi.

Get In Contact.

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