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Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils

The World’s Safest Electric Hydrofoil

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Aircraft Inspired.

Advanced aerodynamics. Developed with
more than 20 years experience
in aircraft design.


Function Defines Form

We designed and engineered a fully shielded propeller, in pursuit of performance and safety.

Rotating parts cannot be touched. Our ultra-compact drive unit guarantees

minimum water resistance.



e-tron foil

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Enjoy silence

Electrifying Future.

Cutting edge Technology. Technology
Addicted to

Water & Air

What drives us is technology, sport and innovation. Our Story
Take the opportunity to


With one of our partners. Location


What our customers say!

"Dieses Gerät begeistert mich! Mit bis zu 45 km/h fliegt man quasi auf dem Surfbrett über das Wasser – Wahnsinn! Das Audi e-tron foil von Franz Hofmann ist ein Highlight für jeden, der Wassersport liebt."

Herbert DiessCEO of Volkswagen Group

"It feel's like skiing in Powder!"

Felix NeureutherWorld Cup alpine ski racer and former World champion.

Whole different level! The complete pack, quality and small details are really great.

Tamás SchusterManaging Director Boards of Hungary

Thank you Franz for taking me on a ride. Unparalled experience, amazing engineering and built quality - all combined in a cutting edge product. Keep up the great spirit and godspeed.

Thomas AndraeCustomer

Whenever there is a chance to get your hands on „The Audi e-tron foil“ by Aerofoils for a test ride 🚀… IT IS A MUST DO!!! Many thanks to Franz Hofmann for this great and special experience!!! Love to do it again soon!

Sascha BörgerCustomer

Franz, thank you for the ride, or rather the "flight"and the following diving experience ... Great boards, solid product, keep on flying.

Stefan KimmelCustomer



Up To 50 km/h


Up To 2h Battery


Smart Functions

Foil app

Lightweight 32 kg