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Aerofoils eFoil Water Sport Helmet Slash AMP by ION

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The Aerofoils water sports helmet by ION - your reliable head protection for every water sport activity!

Protect your head in every situation with the Aerofoils water sports helmet. Whether you're e-foiling, surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding or any other water sport, this helmet gives you the safety and comfort you need.

OPTIMUM SAFETY: The water sports helmet has been developed according to the latest safety standards and offers reliable protection for your head from possible bumps and injuries in the water.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The helmet was specially designed for water sports enthusiasts and adapts perfectly to the shape of your head thanks to its ergonomic cut. You can move freely without the helmet restricting your movements.

ADJUSTABLE FIT: With an adjustable closure on the chin and back of the head and a padded inner lining, you can customize the fit of the helmet to your needs and ensure a secure fit.

LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: The "ION" water sports helmet is made of light material that is pleasant on the skin and can be worn comfortably even during longer water sports activities.

WATER RESISTANT: Designed specifically for use in water, the helmet is water resistant so it won't soak up water and weigh you down.

STYLISH DESIGN: With a modern and sporty design, the Aerofoils water sports helmet is not only functional, but also a fashionable accessory for water sports enthusiasts.

UNIVERSAL USE: The helmet is suitable for a variety of water sports activities and offers you the necessary head protection in every situation.

Ensure your safety in the water and choose the Aerofoils water sports helmet by ION as a reliable companion for your water sports adventures. Get your helmet now and enjoy water sports with the peace of mind of protection and comfort!