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aerofoils hyperfly scooter

Lovable. Ridable. Inflatable.

This inflatable electric hydrofoil water scooter features a market-leading handle concept, options to fasten your gear and an intuitive design. And just one more thing – you can also remove the handle, pair it with our remote control, and enjoy riding it as an eFoil.

aerofoils hyperfly scooter handlebar

Simple Control.
Advanced Support.

It´s your ticket to seamless aquatic joy. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Hyperfly ensures an effortless and thrilling experience on every water expedition.

Unique Stabilization. Uncompromised Ride Dynamics.

Proudly unveiling a groundbreaking innovation from Aerofoils. The Anti Breach System. It alters you and counters unexpected breaches or shootouts, taking riding safety to a new pinnacle. Keeps the mast's full potential while ensuring the ride stays agile and uncompromised. Boosts your confidence. Enjoy the ride, explore surroundings, and ensure safety with our Anti Breach System. Available as an option.

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