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To the Azimut Yacht! To the e-tron foils! Ready? Go!

News News News - We have a new partnership 

From now on you can get our e-tron foils also through Azimut Yachts at the location in Portugal and have the possibility to experience maximum flying fun. Let's explore the Atlantic and create your individual Aerofoils-Experience.  
Azimut Yachts is an Italian yacht manufacturing company. It started with chartering sailboats and later developed into a large luxury yacht building industry. 
Entrepreneurial developments like this inspire us as a start-up day by day. 
Azimut Yachts' vision to create yachts that combine beauty with the latest technologies to satisfy the desire for long-term emotions is something we, Aerofoils, now support with our Hydrofoils.

Highest technology, inspiring design and maximum driving pleasure - for those who want more in life. Emission-free, sustainable and dynamic. 
We are looking forward to the long-term partnership with Azimut Yachts!

Elias Klug

Viva Technology 2022

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2022, Jun 16