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Audi e-tron eFoil Competition Set by Aerofoils

Seleccionar Stil
Seleccionar Farbe
Carve                            8
Stability                                 5
Skill Level                          6


The set includes:

Board, Drive Unit, Wing Set 1000x300, Battery, Charger, Remote Controlle, Board Case, Drive Unit & Wing Case


Volume:                73l
Dimensions:        1,35 x 0,63 x 0,15 m
Set Weight:          31 kg
Driver Weight:     up to 100kg


Unleash Your Full Riding Potential

Introducing the brand-new Audi e-tron foil Competition: Unleash Your Full Riding Potential


Prepare to dominate the water with the latest addition to our efoil boards lineup – the COMPETITION. Engineered to push the boundaries of performance, this board is the ultimate choice for riders who demand nothing but excellence.


At the core of the Audi e-tron foil COMEPTITION is a finely tuned balance between compact agility and uncompromising functionality. With a carefully crafted 73L volume, this board strikes the perfect equilibrium, offering exceptional maneuverability with its enhanced gliding surface and an improved rocker profile for smooth takeoffs. Its new V-shape hull ensures quick, responsive handlingand stability that will elevate your skills to new heights.


Crafted to excel in extreme conditions with an increased front volume for stable takeoffs, the COMPETITION comes equipped with a specialized leash plug, providing you with unwavering control even in the most challenging scenarios. For those aiming to take their aerial maneuvers to the next level, optional customizable foot straps offer tailored support, enabling you to push the boundaries of what's possible on the water.


Sleek by design, the COMPETITION features optional handles that maintain the board's streamlined aesthetics while providing added convenience. The microdot pad, a testament to thoughtful design, enhances your connection to the board by delivering superior grip and stability, ensuring you stay in command during every ride.


The COMPETITION boasts a striking visible carbon camouflage look that not only catches the eye but also embodies the essence of speed and precision. The fusion of advancedcarbon fiber technology with strategic Innegra reinforcements creates a lightweight yet remarkably sturdy board, designed to endure the rigors of competitive riding.


Engineered with precision, the COMPETITION features an optimized mast plate angle that guarantees neutral and balanced board placement. Whether you're racing on a straight path or carving through curves, this board ensures you maintain full control, allowing you to outpace the competition.


Elevate your competitive edge with the Audi e-tron foil COMPETITION board by Aerofoils. It's time to redefine performance and leave your mark on the water. Unleash your full riding potential today. 

New Drive Unit

Elevate Your Ride with Aerofoils' Cutting-Edge Drive Unit!

Get ready to experience a driving sensation like never before with our latest innovation. Our brand-new drive unit is engineered to redefine performance, efficiency, and capability, setting new standards in the industry.

20% Faster Acceleration:
Leave the competition in the dust as you accelerate with lightning speed. With Aerofoils, you'll feel the thrill of rapid acceleration like never before, giving you the edge on any terrain.

10% More Energy Efficient:
Sustainability meets power! Our drive unit is not only about speed but also about efficiency. Save energy and reduce your environmental footprint while enjoying every ride.

15% Maximum Driver Weight Increase:
We understand the importance of versatility. That's why our drive unit allows for a 15% increase in maximum driver weight, giving you the flexibility you need for various applications.

Experience the future of driving technology with Aerofoils. Elevate your journey, maximize efficiency, and push boundaries like never before. Join us on the path to a faster, greener, and more versatile driving experience!

New Wings

Experience the next level of surfboarding with our Hydrofoil Surfboard Wings, designed to take your riding to new heights. These innovative wings offer a range of benefits that will elevate your surfboarding experience:

Enhanced Agility: These hydrofoil wings are engineered for exceptional maneuverability. Whether you're carving through waves or executing precise turns, you'll notice the increased responsiveness that allows you to take full control of your ride.

Superior Glide Performance: Our hydrofoil surfboard wings provide an unparalleled glide experience. They effortlessly lift your board out of the water, reducing drag and making it easier to catch waves and maintain your momentum.

Improved Water Piercing: The hydrofoil wings are designed with an optimized piercing shape at the tip. This ensures that the wing pierces through the water smoothly, reducing resistance and allowing you to maintain a steady course even in challenging conditions.

Stable Pressure Point: Achieve easy and rapid speed changes with confidence. These hydrofoil wings are engineered to maintain a stable pressure point, allowing for quick adjustments in speed without compromising control. Whether you want to accelerate or slow down, you'll feel in command.

Upgrade your surfboarding experience with our Hydrofoil Surfboard Wings and unlock a world of possibilities on the waves. Embrace agility, enjoy effortless gliding, and confidently pierce through the water with precision. Elevate your surf game and ride like never before!